Services Offered


Do you know what you need to do just not how to do it?

If you are finding yourself stuck in one of your processes or applications let me help

I can walk you through how to use the program and how it best fits into your work process.

Project Management

Timelines, To Do Lists, Meeting Notes, Agendas

Let me help you keep your large projects in order. Your time is better spent on the jobsite or with your clients than updating spreadsheets..

Social Media Management

  • Business Facebook Page Set-up
  • LinkedIn Page Set-up
  • Hootsuite
  • Training on how to update your pages
  • Excel Spreadsheets

    Keeping your rows, columns and formulas where they need to be

    Spreadsheets can be overwhelming. I can assist you on your spreadsheet creation, maintenance and update incorrect formulas.

    Internet Research

    Places, Software, People

    Have you ever gotten online to look up something and suddenly three hours have passed and you have ended up so far off course and still have not found what you were looking for?

    I can help find your answers online and keep you from the time warp of internet research.

    Create Forms

    Google Forms, Excel Forms, Word Forms, PDF forms

    Do you need to capture data? I can help you with that..

    WordPress Website Updates

    Don't spend the big money if you don't have to

    Did you just get a new website and wonder what to do with it now? Do you find yourself calling your web designer often followed by invoices to pay? I can assist you with updated blog content, new images, subscriber lists and online stores.

    Bookkeeping- QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

    Bookkeeping help for the small business owners

    Accurate bookkeeping can keep you in the know. Know where your money went and where you should spend it.

    If the thought of numbers, budgets and reports makes you break out into a cold sweat then contact me today for help.